Curbing solutions from consumer stores usually involve individual stone pieces that slide into place to connect with each other. As a result, these pieces can slide around and move, leading to curbing that lacks solid feeling and can only cover areas where the pieces fit together.

Instead, Incredible Curbz offers completely customizable concrete curbing that is stamped, styled, and colored to your liking. We use concrete to create durable borders that can then be stamped to look like natural stone.

Colors and Textures

We have lots of colors to choose from including: Apple Red, Apricot, Asphalt, Avocado, Bark, Sedona, Straw, Colony Red, Canvas, Lava Leather, Rosemary, Salmon & Smoke. You can check out color samples on our website to see which color will work best for you!
We also have several texture options so that you can truly customize your curbing. A few of our more unique textures include Cobblestone, Wisconsin Ledge Grout, & Woodgrain. See the full list of textures on our website.

A Unique Service

Here at Incredible Curbz, we work diligently to give you the unique curbing and amazing service you deserve! We are the only company in the 4-state area offering this service, and we are proud to be able to serve this wonderful area.

Meet Richard Webb | Owner and founder of Incredible Curbz here in Joplin, Mo.

“My family and I originally started this business when we were on the hunt for someone to install some decorative curbing at our own home. We quickly realized that there wasn’t anyone in the 4-state area offering this service, so I decided to train with other professionals in the curbing business, and started my own company shortly after. Since then, I haven’t looked back!”

Contact Incredible Curbz

At Incredible Curbz, we focus on quality work that comes with a strong focus on our craftsmanship and customer service. We believe that our decorative bordering is the perfect option for someone looking for a more durable, completed look to their landscape and with the large variety of colors & texture options, can fit anyone’s needs.

We value customer satisfaction, and always design custom estimates based on EACH client’s needs. Every yard layout is different, and our team is here to listen to YOUR specific needs and create beautiful edging that will add that curb appeal everyone desires!

Let us help you create the yard that you’ve always wanted! Contact us for a free consultation at (417) 684-1833.